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1GEN Studio is one verticle that allows us to create and present stories of hope and impact to inspire communities worldwide. Through storytelling, we bring our partners’ mission to life and help them form a connection with their audience. It is when people empathize with the cause is when they are inspired to work for it. And to make that possible, we ensure that we convey our partners’ stories in a way that engages people and drives them toward making the world a better place.

What do we do?

Image by Caspar Camille Rubin


Our key competence lies in being structurally ‘Agile’ specialized, thus allowing us to adapt quickly to changing needs. High-value orientation, self-organization, faster reaction times, efficient management of digital projects, and high-rated customer experience are our greatest strengths. Our solution-oriented and customer-centric approach focuses on tailormade quality and performance.


At 1GEN, we make use of digital tools to help you achieve business transformation. Our focus lies in creating new - or modifying existing - business processes, culture, and customer experience. We help you change the way you engage with your customers to foster positive customer relationships. Our thought leaders strategically plan your transformation journey thus reshaping the way your organization approaches customer service. 

Computer Programming
App Design


Storytelling through data is expertise built over the past years. Our strength lies in understanding data, analyzing it, and presenting it graphically in an easy-to-decipher manner. We use efficient tools and user interfaces to bring out stories of success.


Our team of experts, design a high-level, real-time summary of information. A single glance over this data will enable you to monitor performance and streamline future workflows and enhance productivity. 


We work around data related to product analytics, Google analytics, digital marketing, e-commerce, social media, and content dashboards—all serving different purposes.


We develop effective digital marketing strategies to help expand your business. Our team of experts creates a high-converting Sales strategy that allows you to reach your sales targets. By establishing useful KPIs and curating cutting-edge ideas, we drive growth for your business.

All these digital marketing efforts will be led by our digital channel specialists, consisting of: a Digital Marketing Director, SEO Specialists, Social Media Managers, and Performance Marketing Specialists to create an omnichannel approach for your business to help you grow your business.


Coming Soon...

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