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ELEVATE is a Leadership series conducted within 1GEN. It represents 11+ weeks of commitment to make 1GEN a great place with an enhanced skillset. The effectiveness of our associates is critical in achieving our objectives by providing others with innovative solutions with the highest possible level of service and enhanced program outcomes.

ELEVATE is designed by our experts in alignment with our Leadership Framework. It will help shape a collective leadership mindset for leaders at all levels and will benefit all 1GEN associates taking part in it. It will help them create a positive impact on the overall organizational health, with focus and development based on our core values.


What is it?



Leadership is a combination of traits, skills, and behaviors that enables a person to influence and inspire others. It involves having a clear vision and direction, taking responsibility for the development and well-being of the team, and being able to motivate and empower others to achieve a common goal. Leadership is not about control and power but about collaboration and respect. It involves listening to and understanding the needs of those around you by being able to adjust and adapt to dynamic circumstances. 


Leaders play an active role in ensuring that their team works together and stays focused on achieving goals. Finding a group of individuals with the ideal combination of professional skills is only one aspect of creating a successful team.
A collaborative workplace encourages a culture that values loyalty and friendship. These deep bonds between coworkers inspire people to work, collaborate, and show support for one another. A lack of encouragement for the team might make it difficult to accomplish the overall goals and objectives.

Team work
Image by Sammie Chaffin


One of the biggest strengths a leader can show is courage. The courage that breaks the limiting shackles of self-doubt and pushes us to be our best selves. The courage that helps us speak our innermost thoughts and beliefs. The courage that enables us to support and elevate people around us.

Without showing courage, one cannot become a great leader because positive change comes from bold actions that require courage. The Elevate Journey is about helping you find that hidden courage within yourself.


In a setting, you exude energy and enthusiasm for the task when you lead with purpose. Everyone around you is affected by your passion. Others are motivated and inspired by it. 

It's crucial to lead with a goal in mind. Leadership requires intense discipline, reflecting the challenges and failures lined in a leader's journey. Without discipline, a leader will find it difficult to continue his ascent to greatness. And to keep this disciple motivated, you need a purpose. A successful leader creates opportunities for others and assists their followers in setting personal goals.


Be Bold Be You

Chronicles of Courage & Transformation

Be Bold Be You - An Elevate documentary explores the story of 24 leaders of 1GEN on the extraordinary journey of challenges, setbacks, and monumental growth making them true leaders. 

This documentary will reveal how the group of 1GEN leaders learned to lead by taking on challenges and working together as a team to create something great. The series will concentrate on ELEVATE - a leadership development program designed by 1GEN’s CEO Mr. Paul Singh, who has continuously coached these leaders to realize their innate potential. Through a series of interesting conversations, this documentary will cover the whole experience of leaders around the themes of self-awareness, empathy, gratitude, purpose, and many more. You will also see how these 24 leaders created felt and created positive impact through various activities and projects. You will see how they overcome challenges with support from their coach—and what they learned about themselves along the way.

This documentary is designed to inspire anyone who wants to learn more about leadership development.


Spread The Light

Light. A universal language

Do you know what it means for someone to "spread light"? It's about being a light that can be felt, seen and understood.

Impact Stories

Elevate has made me fearless. Earlier I used to be scared about being open and about sharing. But now I've become more open.


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