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Meet Your Calling...

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1GEN is a continuous learning work environment, where you are inspired everyday to reach your true creative potential.

- Paul Singh, Co-Founder 1GEN

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ELEVATE Leadership

ELEVATE is a Leadership series conducted within 1GEN. It represents 11+ weeks of commitment to make 1GEN a great place with an enhanced skillset. The effectiveness of our associates is critical in achieving our objectives by providing others with innovative solutions with the highest possible level of service and enhanced program outcomes.

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Adults meeting and greeting young kids with happy faces
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10/10/10 Initiative

Can you make 10x impact with $10 in 10 Days?

1GEN annually organises the 10:10:10 Initiative for the entire Organisation. Every team member is given 10$ to invest in an IDEA!  An idea that can positively impact at least 10 people in 10 days! Every member is encouraged to brainstorm, collaborate and pool resources, and come up with a novel concept, giving them an opportunity to exercise their creativity and create long lasting sustainable solutions.


Join in on an adventure of learning, collaborating, and growing together. Get on this journey of transformation and give the best kickstart to your career.

Meet The TEAM

We are the generation that is capable and committed to creating a better tomorrow. Something our World needs the most. We are a FORCE walking towards a common mission, We are 1GEN 


Team 1GEN working
1GEN team member with young students showing their drawings
Paul storytelling in a room
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