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Let the learning happen


Project Origin has always been the soul of 1GEN and has focused on developing the 5C’s- Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, compassion, and communication. We aim to create a learning environment for children using 21st-century techniques, enabling them to learn skills needed in today's time and mobilize the youth for Sustainable development growth. We have co-created lesson plans and digital strategies for the students to enable learning from anywhere.

Project Origin logo with a butterfly on the letter O
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On 9th April 2018, Origin was launched with a 100-day experiment with SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment) at our first location, Jalwana, a village in Punjab. We promised storytelling and entrepreneurship skills to the students. The experience of this experiment was quite impactful

We continued with our experiments and increased our scalability to different villages 

We visited different villages and saw children improve their abilities and skills according to their interest in the given space, a device, and WIFI.

We covered 5 locations in Punjab, 1 in Ladakh and Assam each.

Website 2.0 is in progress with new and improved features to enhance the skills of children.

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