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Silver Talkies is an inclusive community celebrating diversity and welcoming everyone 55 and above, irrespective of gender, caste, religion or education. Silver Talkies promote healthy ageing and well-being but don't replace professional healthcare or counselling and believe in creating sustainable social impact, quality, and value and aren't a charitable organisation.

By providing a purposeful platform for older citizens, our partnership with Silver Talkies empowers senior citizens to live life to the fullest. Through diverse events, meaningful classes, and engaging social interactions, Silver Talkies fosters a vibrant community for active aging. Recognized among India's Top 20 digital magazines, it inspires and informs. Adapting to the pandemic, Silver Talkies went virtual, partnering with us to enhance accessibility and support for older adults nationwide. Our journey continues with a new website and app, reaffirming our dedication to empowering older adults and fostering thriving communities.

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