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Our Projects


Inner Explorer is the only audio-guided mindfulness program that is based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol, which has nearly 40 years of rigorous scientific evaluation. Because the protocol follows a very specific pathway the same used by Inner Explorer. Inner Explorer is the only program that can point to 6,000 scientific studies demonstrating proof of efficiency.



The journey started with a documentary about an inspiring homemaker Uma Mani who fell in love with Corals underwater. Her experience led her to discover the effect of climate change on corals and the urgency to protect them. The project started to revive the blue heart of our planet, for which they created awareness and built youth ambassadors using the medium of cinema and other art forms.

Scuba Diver in Reef


SHE Stands for  SANITATION, HYGIENE, and EDUCATION. The fundamental goal of this initiative was to have access to better sanitation and safer toilets in the government schools of Bengaluru and other parts of India. 



Voices4Change is a grassroots organization whose goal is to raise awareness of the risks of intimate partner violence during pregnancy, elevate the voices of survivors, and end intimate partner homicide.



Youth4Planet is providing a framework for engaging young minds in the complex process of cooperative filmmaking – in schools, colleges, workplaces or youth organizations.

Handheld Camera


Our aim is to build a society where older adults can age gracefully with empowerment and dignity. Growing old in age is inevitable but growing old in mind, body and spirit can be prolonged with the right mindset and lifestyle. Research, experts and real-life stories suggest that the way to healthy ageing is to live active and ensure holistic well-being, beyond just physical health.

Rollercoaster Ride


Project Origin has always been the soul of 1GEN and has focused on developing the 5C’s- Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration, compassion, and communication. We aim to create a learning environment for children using 21st-century techniques, enabling them to learn skills needed in today's time and mobilize the youth for Sustainable development growth. We have co-created lesson plans and digital strategies for the students to enable learning from anywhere.

Little Boy Standing Portrait


Well, Beings Studio engages the arts to support emotional well-being and open conversation with children, teens, and families. We break stigmas around medical trauma, chronic illness, disability, and inclusion. Together we develop coping skills, empower creativity and build community.

Kids Painting Class