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About Us


Founded with a resolute intention— to make the world sustainable in 1GENeration. We collaborate with mission-driven organizations and passionate individuals, both internally and externally. Our collective aim is to utilize diverse skill sets for a positive shift in the world.

Our Story

1GEN, a pioneering social innovation organization, is fully dedicated to making a meaningful impact through our skills and initiatives. Our main goal is to help our partners transform their businesses by using the latest digital technologies.

We actively collaborate with organizations driven by a mission, guiding them to enhance their impact. Our expertise lies in creating purposeful digital solutions that not only drive business growth but also bring stories of hope to life.



Inspiration struck during the TECH 2017 Conference in Vizag, India, leading to securing the first paid project in the USA and subsequently launching Project Origin. This journey continued with participation in TECH 2018 in Vizag, India, and the notable event GoodPitch Philadelphia.

Launching projects in Europe, including ORIGIN in Assam and Leh, reflected a bold growth strategy. Participation in events like the Startup Summit in Berlin, GoodPitch HI, COP25, and TECH2019 showcased dedication to innovation and global engagement.

Participation in GoodPitch INDIA in Mumbai fueled a pipeline of new opportunities with a focus on growth. This commitment extended to engagements like Eco Lens, the UN Summit, and GoodPitch in Kenya, emphasizing dedication to environmental sustainability and global impact.

Amid the pandemic, we launched an initiative to support local communities, aided by InnovativeZone India Magazine. Additionally, we introduced an app for elderly support. We also successfully pitched a COVID-19 Long-Term Effects Case Study documentary to the BBC.

Supported Ukrainian families with Inner Explorer and LynchPins. Launched GENESIS APP, ELEVATE Leadership Series. Featured CTO @Rajbir Kaur, CCO @Ayesha in Women Entrepreneur Mag. Released "Be Bold, Be You" ELEVATE DOCUMENTARY. Partnered with Saksham for visually impaired children's empowerment through sports.

Launched SYNERGY PROGRAM for remote work. Introduced INNER EXPLORER CLASSROOM and HOME APPs. Brought 21st-century Learning to rural India. Initiated NANO PILOT 1.0 for skill development. Launched CREATIVELO APP and PROJECT CreatiVelo. Hosted S. Harjot Singh Bains, Punjabi Minister of Education. Our work is recognized in Dubai and Zurich for achievements despite a limited budget. PASSPORT App is acknowledged for connecting global youth to Climate Action.

With our innovative tech, we make awesome stories and transform the movie into a movement. S.H.E - The Toilet Ninja is not just a film—it's a call to action, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the power of humanity to change the world, one toilet at a time. The film follows Archana, on her quest to tackle the stigma surrounding menstrual hygiene and sanitation. 



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