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Ayesha Khan Oberoi: Driving Impact Through Storytelling at 1GEN

Ayesha Khan Oberoi, Chief Creative Officer at 1GEN, exemplifies the growing influence of women in India's media landscape. Her passion for storytelling and strategic vision fuel her mission to leverage its power for social change and empowerment.

From AD Films to Gripping Narratives

Ayesha's love for storytelling blossomed early, propelling her towards a Master's degree in Mass Communication and a career spanning advertising and television. Her work with renowned companies like Sony, Star Plus, and UTV honed her creative skills and leadership abilities. A particular highlight was assisting acclaimed directors like Siddharth Kak and Sriram Raghavan.

A Deep Appreciation for Compelling Narratives

Ayesha's transition to social impact storytelling found her directing the documentary "S.H.E-The Toilet Ninja." This experience solidified her belief in the power of authentic narratives to inspire and connect. 1GEN: Movie to Movement

1GEN's core philosophy, "Movie to Movement," perfectly aligns with Ayesha's passion. Here, she leads a team dedicated to amplifying the voices of changemakers and igniting social impact. This vision extends to Purple Pod Pictures, a film and television production entity established by 1GEN in 2021. Embracing Technology for Impact

While firmly rooted in storytelling, 1GEN and Purple Pod Pictures leverage technology to amplify their reach. Social media, web applications, and mobile platforms breathe life into these narratives, fostering meaningful conversations. Navigating the Evolving Film Industry

Ayesha embraces the advancements in digital technology, particularly AI. She sees its potential to enhance creativity and storytelling, citing her use of AI music composition in "S.H.E-The Toilet Ninja" as an example. However, she acknowledges the challenge of maintaining audience attention in a saturated market, emphasizing the need for impactful and concise storytelling. Overcoming Challenges: Funding and More Funding remains a significant hurdle. Ayesha and her team at times resort to self-funding, strategically allocating resources to maximize impact across multiple stories. A Life Steeped in Storytelling

Inspiration for Ayesha comes from various sources. She names Emily Brontë's "Wuthering Heights" as a favorite love story, and cherishes Hamburg, Germany as a beloved travel destination. Movies are more than a hobby; they're a lifelong passion. Her role models include Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon (whom she admires for championing women-centric narratives), and Alfred Hitchcock. On a personal note, Ayesha recently embraced motherhood with the birth of her baby boy. Ayesha Khan Oberoi's story is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling. At 1GEN, she continues to craft narratives that not only entertain, but inspire positive change.

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