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Democratizing Design and the Creator Economy

Updated: Mar 19

"Design is everywhere. From the dress you are wearing to the smartphone you are holding, it's design."— Samadara Ginige Design is not limited to the digital world, but instead, everything we use in our daily life is designed for human ease and comfort. Designing is a very comprehensive term, playing a very consequential role in our day-to-day lives. It makes our lives simpler and saves valuable time by bridging gaps more effectively.

Design is not just what you see while using a laptop or mobile. Design also defines how you build something so that when you use it, you feel comfortable and appreciative. It is a process to solve problems, reduce complexities and offer comfort and convenience whilst satisfying aesthetic needs. This is human-centric designing which allows designers or creators to make things easier for human use. The design process that you use to build digital apps also works well for designing other objects.

Lately, the mindset of democratization has permeated every facet of life: MIT researchers strive to democratize data science with a tool for nonprogrammers; image-led platforms like Instagram democratize the visual arts for non photographers; Apple makes coding accessible to laymen with their revolutionary app called Swift Playground; the Robinhood investing app claims to democratize finance for all.

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