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Audio-Guided Mindfulness Program

Inner Explorer is an audio-guided mindfulness program in Education and one of the few in the field that is Formatted on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocol. MBSR is a very specific pathway that has been rigorously researched for nearly 40 years, with over thousands of published scientific studies demonstrating proof of efficacy. Aligned with MBSR, Inner Explorer provides daily mindfulness practice that moves from concrete to more abstract concepts, while building skills of Attention, Self Awareness and Emotional Regulation.

We achieved significant milestones with Inner Explorer, including launching the 8th Generation of the web platform impacting 2.8M+ students in the USA. The collaboration also successfully integrated Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as SCHOOLOGY, CLEVER, and CANVAS. Implementing the program in nearly 100+ full districts, and developing capabilities and user experiences for School communities to practice daily mindfulness showcase the continuous evolution and impact of Inner Explorer.

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