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Butterfly Effect Starts Here...

Small Actions,
Bold Intentions,

Positive Change

About Us

Small Intentional steps to IMPACT

1GEN is a social innovation startup committed to creating meaningful impact through our work and knowledge. Our goal is to help our partners achieve business transformation by leveraging emerging digital technologies. We collaborate with mission-driven organizations and help them maximize their impact. Our expertise lies in creating meaningful digital solutions that drive business growth and enable the stories of hope.

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We collaborate ​with mission-driven organizations and individuals committed to doing GOOD in the world. Our work enables them to:

  • Translate impact into visual stories

  • Engage & connect people

  • Transform communities & lives

Our expertise is in leveraging emerging digital technologies to build new capabilities and enhanced capacity for our partners.

  • Increase outreach & influence

  • Lower cost per transaction

  • New impact opportunities 

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1GEN envisions to play the role of a catalyst and accelerator in making positive change possible. 

Everything we do is a small step towards solving some of the most complex and critical challenges facing our planet.

What we do


As the architects of a sustainable future, we support our partners achieve their business goals by providing them with the required digital expertise to scale their impact. We help you narrate stories of hope allowing you to form a deeper connection with people on a larger scale. As catalysts for social change, we help you enable and translate your ideas into reality.


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We are a team of skilled visionaries and storytellers who have come together, sharing one goal of spreading kindness and hope in the world through our collective and conscious efforts.

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